Birgitta Designs…the perfect gift for every occasion !


Birgitta Designs

Recently, my partners sister has had little girl  ( Lilly ) and this Christmas will be her very first ! As she is not quite old enough yet to get excited about opening presents we thought we could get her something that will last her a life time and not something that will just get thrown away or forgotten about….

I met Birgitta while taking part in a local sewing club organised by herself. I soon found out that she was the maker of some very beautiful heirloom dolls I had previously seen and decided that one day I would like to have one commissioned !

The panic of Christmas soon crept up and I knew exactly what we should get for little Lilly. I contacted Birgitta and we met for a chat about my ideas for this very special present, 2 weeks later, it’s here and I am absolute over the moon about it ! Having given Birgitta a rather open brief about what it is we would like she has made the most beautiful creation and I can’t recommend here enough. The colours and material choices are just fantastic and the skill of being able to sew something so delicate is something I myself would never have the patience to do !

In January I will be assisting Birgitta with a few bits and bobs in her studio and I am very, very much looking forward to it ! Keep your eyes out for updates.

until, then, I would like to say a huge thank you and recommend that you all take a look at Birgitta Designs on facebook and etsy !!



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