The FINAL major project…William Morris meets Ecclesiastical design

Being a florist for 10 years, its hard to get away from wanting to produce floral designs so…..For my very last degree project i have decided to create a floral collection but with a twist.

William Morris has featured in my degree work from the very first year at university.  Basing my very first university essay on this marvelous man and then completing a work placement with the very talented Nicola Jarvis who is well known for her Morris inspired designs.

I have always been hugely inspired by high end couture fashion and decided that my final project would be to create a collection of high end bridal fabric designs, the bridal industry is something i would like to work in after graduation. Rather than going for the generic floral look, im going to be mixing it up, William Morris’ floral designs with the elegant imagery of Ecclesiastical design. A number of trips to some beautiful churches and cathedrals along with visiting ecclesiastical exhibitions armed me with a huge amount of imagery.

Beading techniques feature heavily in this collection as you cant beat the textures! I have also dried and resin dipped some slightly less known flowers such as cyclamen and astrantia.


keep an eye out for updates and images as i continue my development !


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