Moving forward…..

Mary_Katrantzou_collection_2012_2011_dress_02 Curated-by-Colleen-Mary-Katrantzou-LFW-spring-2015 36138313_435x435

Before starting uni at Birmingham BCU, textiles is something I had done nothing more than dabbled with in my spare time. Now that 1st year is over and 2nd year uni is well and truly in full swing I feel it’s time to take things a little further. I’ve built up a rather large knowledge of hand stitch and if I do say so myself, I’ve made some rather lovely designs, but now I want to focus of perfecting these skills and fine tuning them. Spending just a few days with Beatrice Mayfield, I saw the quality and standard of stitch that is expected at industry level. I’ve just had my new brief,’ Designs, production and application’, im going to really focus on perfecting my stitch !

I’ve decided that for this project I will be designing for Mary Katrantzou. Mary was originally a printer but has slowly been bringing stitch into her work. Her most recent collaboration was with London embroidery atelier Hand & Lock for the London 2014 Fashion week. Her work ‘… was the usual blast of vibrant colour and stunning textures’.


Hand & Lock made a video showing some of the many hundred hours it took there team to do their part for this beautiful collection, you will be please to know they have sped it up a little for us …

For more information on this collaboration, please follow the below link…


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