About Me


Since as far back as I can remember I have subconsciously  fiddled, bent, twisted, scratched, picked and just about anything I can do to any object within my reach. I soon found that colourful shiny beads and various scrappy threads were my favourite. i could tie them together, hang them, roll them up and do just about anything I wanted to with them. I decided to put all of my fidgeting into a career and embarked on a BA Honours degree in Textile Design at Birmingham City University allowing me to focus, have a sense of direction and actually make something out of my creative mess. I soon realised that I have a love for spending an entire day, and often more, with my head down concentrating as I bead and embellish highly detailed designs, often getting lost in a mind bursting to the brim with exciting ideas, wanting to get them down onto something solid as soon as possible. I find delight in creating new, raised and textured surfaces and experimenting with exciting colour combinations and objects. I have always relished in taking an old object and making something beautiful and completely bespoke with just a little commitment and enthusiasm.

Taking an initial idea, turning it into an exciting concept and making beautiful designs that people can wear with pride, knowing that what they own was once just an idea that flourished into a piece of art they could wear and thus turning the most boring of outfits into something stunning is what I love about textiles and design!

Having built up an extensive range of hand embroidery, I am always looking to enhance this and grow my technical knowledge, particularly in hand stitch and fabric manipulation in an innovative manor. Changing the weight and way something hangs by trapping and couching, cutting through to reveal hidden beauty and adorning areas with light attracting and refracting objects are some of my favourite techniques.

When conjuring new ideas I find that using as many varied types of media as possible gives the best outcome and results in textures that may have not initially have been thought of, always surprising you with the outcome.


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