Design Inspiration…it could end up being an expensive thing !

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When it comes to creating original designs there is nothing better than drawing from an object that is actually infront of you and not just drawing from a photo on the internet. It allows for a more creative drawing experience, letting you pull ideas from every corner of the room, object, setting etc.

Having chosen to use Moroccan culture as inspiration for my current brief I was struggling  to come up with original ideas. I thought about the wildlife and desert life that surrounds Morocco, snakes, scorpions, camels etc and as much as id have loved to take a trip to Marrakech ( obviously for research purposes ) it just wasn’t feasible this time so I had to think a little harder. Whilst on a trip to the local pet store to get a Christmas jumper for the pups I was taking a little look at the snakes they had. Not a chance was I purchasing a snake but I did give me the idea of snake skin… and what do snakes eat….bugs, big bugs ! The very kind staff in the shop allowed me to take away some of the dead ( yuck ) bugs and a very kind girl at my university got me a snake skin ! So, I had my bugs, I had my snake skin, my sketch book and drawing materials….but it still wasn’t enough!  A little more thinking later and a little more researching and I was hooked on Arabic and Islamic art !  Luckily, a family run business has opened locally that specialise in authentic Persian carpets. They kindly allowed me to take a few photos to make sketches from and then I saw THE ONE. A rug I must have ! Now all I have to do is convince my other half that he loves it as much as I do !


As well as drawing from these beautiful carpets and rugs  i have made arrangements with a rather beautiful Mosque in Wolverhampton where I will be shown around the building and allowed time to make some sketches whilst there which im really looking forward to as it will be an experience in its self ! I’ll keep you posted on how its going.


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