Claire Muir and Shrewsbury Embroiderers Guild

This evening I attended my very first Embroiderers Guild meeting
in Shrewsbury. It was lovely knowing I was going to be surrounded by like minded people all with their own love and personal take on stitch and everything connected with it.

I was very lucky that on my first visit there happened to be a very interesting guest speaker, Claire Muir. Whilst her work with hats and fascinators was beautiful it was her story of how she got to where she is now that I enjoyed the most. Claire had gone to college and then university and realised quite early on that she wanted her art work to be worn and seen from all angles, so she decided to work with and create hats. Not only did she make the hats but there is a huge amount of time and dedication to creating the fabric used. Fabrics and yarns are hand died and manipulated crating an amazing and interesting surface to work into , adding machine embroidery, hand stitch and embellishment. She then went on to talk about her work experience placements working with a company that made hats for the queen and how the skills learnt whilst on placement played such a huge part in her work from them on. After uni she went on to work with Stage works productions ( ) It sounded as if the company was fantastic to work with, challenging the concept of design and offering fantastic products and materials to work with whilst constantly learning new thing .

I have posted a few pictures from Claire’s website along with a link to the workshops she runs. For anyone interested in learning a new 3d skill , it’s well worth having a look at attending a course, I think I’ll be booking one myself this summer !!

Claire Muir Courses



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