Work Experience with the lovely Beatrice Mayfield

scarf15d Scarf17


Beatrice Mayfield specialises in hand embroidered and embellished textiles and is currently collaborating with Allison Willoughby (skirt girl) on a delightful project using 100% woollen scarves founded on eBay and adding a range of hand stitches and pom poms.

I  managed to get in on the action with Beatrice in her London studio where I was using a range of hand embroidery and tracing techniques  to add stitch to the surface. Beatrice showed me how to make the design work on both sides of the scarf and stitch with BOTH hands which is something I have been wanting to master for a while !  She really is a wealth of knowledge and is so helpful, suggesting the best places to stay in London, dissertation ideas and ways to improve and further my embroidery techniques.

My time in the studio with her flew buy and before I knew it I was on my way back home fuelled with enthusiasm!

There’s still time to buy a beautiful Christmas gift , have a look on Alisons website and check out these gorgeous scarves!!beatrice-mayfield/c180h




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